July 23, 2020
Dear Colleagues and Patients, 

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to inform you of my retirement from the practice of podiatry and from San Antonio Podiatry Associates on August 31, 2020. This profession has brought me so much joy and leaving is bittersweet. I look forward to the journey ahead and to the next chapter in my life. I appreciate the impact each of you has had to lead me to where I am, and I hope I have been able to help you along the way. 

Forty-one years ago, I took a leap of faith and moved to San Antonio, Texas to start a practice. I took out a loan, but in my first week, I saw only one patient. In the second week, only two. Fortunately, from there on, the practice grew and three years later, I welcomed my first partner, Dr. Bellacosa. In 2008, Dr. Stanley joined the team, and in 2017, we joined with another group practice. Today, our practice has eight podiatrists and five locations. Together we have served over 200,000 patients. 

What’s next for me? Along this journey, I founded a research company, Endeavor Clinical Trials, where we work to discover new effective treatments for our patients. I will continue working part-time for Endeavor, and you can find me on the same floor at Physician Plaza 2. 

What’s next for you? It is my honor and privilege to welcome Dr. Ben Wollett, who will take over the care of my patients. Rest assured; you will be in great hands with Dr. Wollett. He is a wonderful, young, highly skilled podiatrist. I have 100% confidence that he will do an excellent job caring for any of your podiatry needs. 

Thank you very much for the impact you have had on my life. Thank you to my patients and my colleagues for entrusting me with your care. It has been an honor to serve you and care for you all these years.

I have had a wonderful career, and San Antonio has proven a wonderful place to practice, foster lifelong friendships, and raise a family. This has been a dream come true, and I am so blessed for all that God has given me. 

Richard A. Pollak, DPM