Springtime is a beautiful time for a lot of reasons: plants are blooming, birds are practicing their calls, and there are so many fun events going on, especially in the San Antonio area. With all the activity, it can lead to pains and aches that may not have been there before. That’s why from the podiatry perspective, it’s also the perfect time to remind people about ways to optimize your foot health and about all that our doctors can do for your feet!

Foot health can be defined in numerous ways, but the end goal is happy feet that don’t cause any pain and help move your body from place to place. That’s why we put together these five quick tips for foot health:

  1. Great feet need great shoes! There are a myriad of foot issues that are caused by or worsened by bad shoes: plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, hammertoes, and more. When you’re shopping for shoes, choose a pair that offer great support, fit snug but not too tight, and don’t make you alter your gait in any way.
  2. Your toenails need love too. Cutting your toenails properly is key for preventing ingrown toenails. Trim straight across and even with the ends of your toes to keep them healthy and looking great.
  3. Take extra care if you have diabetes. It’s important to take extra care of your feet if you have diabetes. Keeping your blood sugar in a healthy range, checking your feet regularly, scheduling checkups with your doctor, and paying attention to any signs of problems like nerve damage or slow-healing wounds can go a long way in making sure your feet remain healthy.
  4. A little pamper goes a long way! After a long day on your feet, it’s important to give them a break. A great way to do an at-home pamper is by soaking them in a warm water foot bath with Epsom salts. Then, scrub them lightly with a pumice stone to remove any dead skin. After the foot bath, dry them off well and apply moisturizer. This routine will keep your feet supple and healthy.
  5. Pay attention to any foot issues. If you experience pain or notice anything off with your feet, it’s a good idea to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your podiatrist! Here at San Antonio Podiatry Associates, PLLC, our podiatrists understand the importance of maintaining healthy feet. No matter how minor an issue may seem, it’s crucial to get it checked out to prevent serious consequences down the line.

The most effective way to optimize your foot health is to stay informed and be consistent in seeing a podiatrist. Get in touch with ours if you need advanced, effective treatment for chronic heel pain, bunions, or sports injuries. Contact any of our 6 convenient locations in the San Antonio area by calling 210-899-1026 to schedule an appointment today!