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Providing Family-Friendly Podiatry Care in San Antonio and New Braunfels

At San Antonio Podiatry Associates, we put the needs of your family first. You and your family can find podiatrists and staff who address your unique needs and preferences, including services for children.

Our podiatrists are also passionate about non-invasive care, and we won’t suggest surgery first unless it is absolutely necessary to treat your foot or ankle pain. Nine out of ten patients feel better after their first visit at San Antonio Podiatry Associates without surgery. Exercise, anti-inflammatory medications, and corrective footwear are just a few of the non-invasive treatments we offer, depending on the stage and severity of your foot or ankle pain.

Sports Injuries | Foot & Ankle Reconstuction Surgery | Custom Orthotics

From initial diagnosis to rehabilitation and recovery, our San Antonio podiatrists partner with you to ensure you receive the optimal personalized treatment. If you’re ready to live without pain, schedule an appointment with us today.