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  1. Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

Thick, warm socks and boots are a must to keep our feet from getting cold outdoors, but they can also cause our feet to sweat quite a bit. Extra moisture on the feet makes them more prone to fungal and bacterial foot infections, and can also cause the skin to cool down, making you more susceptible to frostbite. Be sure to wear moisture-wicking socks and sprinkle in some foot powder to help absorb perspiration. Allow your shoes to dry thoroughly before you put them on again. 

  1. Wear The Right Shoes For The Right Activity

If you’re going to ski, snowboard or ice skate, make sure you wear the boots that are specifically designated for that activity. It’s equally important that the boots fit properly. You should have enough room to wiggle your toes, but not so much room that the ball and heel of your foot are moving around. If your feet have unique characteristics such as high arches or bunions, consider getting a pair of custom orthotics to make your winter sports play more comfortable. 

  1. Do A Quick Warm Up

Cold temperatures can make it a little harder for the muscles in our body to be flexible, and this includes the foot muscles. Before you exercise outdoors, make sure you stretch, use resistance bands, or jog in place for a couple minutes to warm up your muscles. It’s also important to maintain stability if conditions are icy - shorten your stride to minimize the risk of slipping and falling on the ice. 

  1. Keep Your Toenails Trimmed

Many of us tend to neglect our toenails in the wintertime since they are no longer on display, but it’s crucial to keep them maintained since long toenails can easily break. Cut your toenails in as straight a line as possible to avoid in-grown toenails.  

  1. Moisturize Regularly

Cold, dry air is very harsh on the skin. Most of us apply moisturizer and lotion liberally to our face and hands, but forget that our feet need extra TLC as well. Prevent dry, cracked skin and calluses on your feet by using a heavy lotion or foot cream everyday. Make sure your feet are clean and dry before you apply it. If your feet are extremely dry, put lotion on at night before you go to bed and cover your feet with socks to lock in moisture. 

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