PT.jpeg (shutterstock_1070432666.webp)Podiatrists will often recommend physical therapy when a patient has suffered an injury, and can refer them to a qualified therapist for treatment when needed. 

  1. Physical Therapists Provide Personal Care

A physical therapist, also known as a physiotherapist, knows your kind of injuries intimately. They are aware of the specific type of injuries that your favorite sport is prone to cause. Seeking out a physical therapist will help aid you in your recovery as they set goals and keep track of your healing process. Moreover, physical therapists aren’t just for recovery. They can also develop plans that will help you avoid common injuries in the athletic activities you enjoy. The knowledge they provide is just as vital as the healing process they cultivate.

  1. Prevents Invasive Surgery

If recovery is achieved through the restoration of joint mobility and function, invasive surgery may no longer be needed. Undergoing surgery will increase the recovery time due to the inaction of the recovery process. Even seeking out physical therapy before an invasive surgery aids in the recovery post operation. 

  1. Decreases Reliability on Opioids

When physical therapy is sought quickly after an injury, it decreases the need for opioid drugs. Rapid pain treatments and response creates pathways for joint restoration without the need to rely on opioids for pain relief. Restoring mobility not only eases the pain that comes with inactivity, it’s also very effective at preventing stiffness.

  1. Maintains Cardio Activity

During the idleness in the recovery process, heavy athletic exercise must be stopped in order to prevent further injuries. Physical therapy, however, maintains cardio, which is the safest way to keep your blood circulating and muscles moving. Simply engaging in physical therapy with a qualified professional will maintain a healthy level of exertion. Without physical therapy, there is no safe outlet for working out again. 

  1. Helps You Avoid Re-Injury  

Reinjuring yourself may be more traumatic than the initial injury, and an already weakened body may be susceptible to ever more injuries. Once you are injured, the odds of suffering a reinjury are greatly increased. Specifically, athletes may suffer from the same injury as a result of commencing with the same activity. Engaging in physical therapy greatly reduces the possibility of injuring yourself again in the same way. Physical therapy will then strengthen the afflicted muscles, in addition to healing them.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Arthritis 

Suffering an athletic injury (especially if you fracture bones) means that you run the risk of developing arthritis early on. Engaging in flexibility exercises and maintaining movement may reduce your risk of developing arthritis in later life. This is because improved muscle strength prevents the inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis. 

  1. Avoiding Physical Therapy is Detrimental 

Putting off physical therapy or avoiding it all together can lead to lifelong consequences. You could face residual pain and stiffness for years to come. Residual pain will lead to severe underperformance in the athletic activity you once enjoyed. Not seeking out a physical therapist means you will miss out on the valuable knowledge they provide, knowledge that helps you maintain an active lifestyle free on injury and continuous athletic engagement.

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