SAPA_-_lapiplasty.jpegIf bunion pain is interfering with your daily life and conservative treatments haven’t helped, it may be time for you to seek bunion surgery. At San Antonio Podiatry Associates, we offer a new and minimally-invasive bunion correction surgery called Lapiplasty. Since it treats bunions three dimensionally to correct the root cause, it’s often called “3D bunion correction surgery.” Read on to find out how Lapiplasty can help you!

How is it different from a traditional bunionectomy?

While traditional bunion surgeries like an osteotomy correct a bunion by cutting and shifting bones two-dimensionally to minimize the appearance of the bump on the big toe joint, Lapiplasty corrects the deviated, rotated bones that are the root cause of bunions three-dimensionally. Additionally, bunionectomies are often more invasive and result in longer, more painful recoveries, while Lapiplasty allows you to be back on your feet within a few weeks.

The process

An unstable metatarsal joint is the root cause of bunions, causing the joint at the base of the big toe to shift outwards. Worsening bunions can lead to pain, discomfort, and difficulty wearing shoes, which can greatly interfere with daily activities.

Lapiplasty uses precise surgical instruments through small incisions to realign the bones to a normal and stable position. To drastically minimize the chance of recurrence, the joint is secured with titanium. Since it is a minimally-invasive procedure, patients are typically able to walk with a boot within 2 weeks. A big benefit of the Lapiplasty procedure is the low recurrence. In fact, a study resulted in 99% of patients with no recurrence at 17 months post-op!

Is your bunion causing you pain?

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