3dbunionsurgery.jpeg (image_qxFsa5q.webp)What is 3D Bunion Surgery?

3D bunion correction is a patented, cutting-edge surgery that does more than just remove the bump that appears beside the big toe, it approaches the bunion at three angles to correct the unstable foundation of the foot. 

The team at San Antonio Podiatry offers two minimally-invasive bunion surgery options: 3D Lapiplasty™ 3D Bunion Correction. 

3D Lapiplasty™ bunion surgery removes the bump, realigns the entire bone into the correct position, and fuses the joint securely using titanium plates. This method minimizes the recurrence of bunions, offering a long-term solution to painful bunions. 

Lapiplasty™ 3D Bunion Correction provides the same benefits as 3D Lapiplasty™, but it also makes use of a state-of-the-art tool known as the Lapiplasty™ Triplanar Correction Clamp. This tool dramatically reduces the rate of recurrence with bunions, and even preserves the natural length of your toes. 

Get Back to the Activities you Love – Lapiplasty™ 3D Bunion Surgery at San Antonio Podiatry 

Gone are the days of casts, crutches and lengthy recoveries following bunion surgery. Lapiplasty™ 3D Bunion Surgery boasts a myriad of benefits over traditional, 2D surgery by providing a 3D solution to a 3D problem. Some other advantages include:

  • No casting
  • Patients can bear weight within days post-op
  • Fewer complications
  • Lower recurrence rates

San Antonio Podiatry’s Dr. Dennis Martin Chaney specializes in Lapiplasty™ 3D Bunion Correction. An extensively experienced podiatrist, Dr. Chaney has been in private practice for over twenty years. He is board-certified in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery, and his expertise has led him to publish numerous papers and speak at the national level about the most effective foot and ankle surgery. He sees patients at the East Sonterra Blvd location. 

Lower Recurrence Rates with Lapiplasty™ Triplanar Bunion Correction System

87 percent of bunions are misaligned in three dimensions, which means that in order to effectively correct the root cause of a bunion, it must be realigned in three dimensions. The Lapiplasty™ Triplanar Bunion Correction System does this by rotating the entire foot bone into the proper alignment, and securing it with titanium plates for a permanent grip. In addition to this innovative, three dimensional approach, lapiplasty bunion recovery takes mere days, allowing patients to walk 6 to 8 weeks ahead of conventional surgery. 

At San Antonio Podiatry, Dr. Richard Perez performs The Lapiplasty™ Triplanar Bunion Correction. Certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, Dr. Perez focuses on bunion surgeries that emphasize early mobility, as well as optimal cosmetic appearance. He was an early pioneer in 3D bunion surgery and has lectured nationally on the most cutting-edge surgical techniques. Dr. Perez sees patients at the Huebner Road location.

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Why San Antonio Podiatry for Bunion Correction Surgery?

Our award-winning podiatry team is committed to providing patients with the highest quality, consultative care. Each of our physicians takes the time to explain the best treatment options based on your symptoms, and will guide you to a decision that best suits your individual goals and lifestyle. 

Patients seeking lapiplasty in San Antonio need look no further than San Antonio Podiatry Associates for permanent relief from bunions. Get back to the active, pain-free lifestyle you deserve and speak with a board-certified podiatrist at one of our five locations today!  

San Antonio Podiatry Associates has 145 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions. If you are suffering from painful bunions and would like to explore surgery options, request an appointment with Dr. Chaney or Dr. Perez. If you would like a same-day appointment, call 210-361-4635.