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How To Prevent Arthritis in the Foot: Tips from Your Podiatrist

Learn how to prevent arthritis in the foot with expert tips from your podiatrist. Discover effective strategies to maintain …


Stress Fractures: Why Do They Happen?

Explore the causes and prevention of stress fractures. Learn why stress fractures happen and how to protect your bones from …


Ingrown Toenails 101 - What They Are & How They’re Treated

Learn about ingrown toenails: causes, treatments, and prevention tips. Our podiatry blog provides expert advice for dealing …


The Importance of Physical Therapy After an Athletic Injury

Physical therapy is the path to a safe and speedy recovery after suffering an athletic injury. Physical therapists provide m…


New Year’s Resolutions: Relieving Chronic Foot Pain in 2021

Make relieving chronic foot pain your New Year's resolution for 2021. Explore effective tips and treatments to start the yea…


How To Treat And Prevent Toenail Fungus

Discover customized orthotics solutions at Sapodiatry. Our podiatrists provide tailored orthotic inserts for foot pain relie…


Five Winter Foot Care Tips You Should Be Practicing

Discover five essential winter foot care tips to keep your feet healthy and happy during the cold season. Learn how to prote…


Bunions: Tips For Pain Relief and When You May Need Surgery

Get relief from bunions with expert tips and learn when surgery may be necessary. Our podiatry blog offers guidance for mana…


San Antonio Podiatry Enthusiastically Welcomes Dr. Benjamin Wollett and Dr. Preston Panicco

We are excited to announce the addition of two highly talented podiatrists to our medical team and the San Antonio community…


San Antonio Podiatry Provides Minimally-Invasive 3D Bunion Correction Surgery Across Texas

The foot and ankle experts at San Antonio Podiatry provide revolutionary 3D bunion correction surgery that not only fixes th…