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How To Prevent Arthritis in the Foot: Tips from Your Podiatrist

Arthritis of the foot, caused by inflammation in our joints, is painful and affects our ability to walk and complete daily t…


Stress Fractures: Why Do They Happen?

Stress fractures are highly painful at best, and debilitating at worst. Our latest blog explains how stress fractures occur,…


Ingrown Toenails 101 - What They Are & How They’re Treated

Ingrown toenails. Most of us have experienced this common, painful condition, but few of us know how to effectively handle i…


The Importance of Physical Therapy After an Athletic Injury

Physical therapy is the path to a safe and speedy recovery after suffering an athletic injury. Physical therapists provide m…


New Year’s Resolutions: Relieving Chronic Foot Pain in 2021

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to take a new approach to how you care for your feet. If you suffer from chronic f…


How To Treat And Prevent Toenail Fungus

Millions of people contract toenail fungus in the United States every year. Although this condition is usually cosmetic, it …


Five Winter Foot Care Tips You Should Be Practicing

Chilly temperatures, snow, and ice all signal a change in footwear and recreational activities. Whether you’re an avid outdo…


Bunions: Tips For Pain Relief and When You May Need Surgery

Timely treatment of bunions is very important in order to prevent chronic pain, deformity, and arthritis. Our latest blog ex…


San Antonio Podiatry Enthusiastically Welcomes Dr. Benjamin Wollett and Dr. Preston Panicco

We are excited to announce the addition of two highly talented podiatrists to our medical team and the San Antonio community…


San Antonio Podiatry Provides Minimally-Invasive 3D Bunion Correction Surgery Across Texas

The foot and ankle experts at San Antonio Podiatry provide revolutionary 3D bunion correction surgery that not only fixes th…